Thursday, 7 April 2016

Aubergines in Watercolour and a Background Paper in Mixed Media

Goodness it is April already and time is definitely flying past.  No matter as I am making sure I am having some arty fun along the way.    

Aubergines in watercolour, an art journaling spot.

Aubergines were the topic of conversation last week when I had them for lunch at a lovely pub called The Chequers.  To be precise I had mellanzane parmigiana.  An Italian recipe that is like a lasagna but the layers are created with aubergines rather than pasta.  It ends up being a very low carbohydrate meal.  I only mention this as the friend I was with was on a low carb diet and she had not heard of this recipe before.  She tried some and was impressed.  I have had many versions of this in my time, both homemade and restaurant made, this one was a particularly good one. 

I thought I would have a go at painting aubergines with my watercolours as my journaling entry.  They were not a subject I had tackled before.  From the start I knew the biggest problem was going to be the dark glossy nothingness that an aubergine has in painting terms.  I over came this by exaggerating tone and blending.  

Background paper in mixed media

How I assemble together all the different elements for this spread is perhaps a story for another day.  Today I am just going to explain how I produced the background paper design using mixed media. 

I started with the yellow paper shown in the photo.  I glued white tissue paper on top and then lightly painted a thin green acrylic wash onto the tissue paper.  The photo does not show very well the texture created and the yellow of the original paper still showing through.  I then stamped on abstract squares in orange using recycled plastic packaging.  I drew around the squares using an old multi-coloured gel pen that was my son’s years ago.  This gave structure and more depth to the design.  On top of all that I added areas of punchinella circles using white gesso.

At the same time, I was creating the white journaling spot.  This time I used the green ink pad to add the circles which I had used on the edging on the aubergine watercolour.     

There are one or two more elements that I have in mind for this spread but for now this is where I am going to leave it for today.


  1. I love the aubergines, and thanks for the recipe too! I love the textures you created on that journal page as well. Where did you get that sheet of plastic with the holes in it? I have been looking for something like that for a while now, I'd love to know. xx Judy

    1. Hi Judy. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. To be honest I have had it so long I cannot remember. This is why I keep journals. lol It probably came with chocolate. Have you tried ice trays. They produce a similar effect but rectangles and not squares. Hope you manage to find something. xx

  2. I like the aubergines, not easy to paint!

  3. Laura your handling of the deep shiny aubergines is superb. Love reading about your process for the background paper too. You are so talented friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  4. Fun to see how you got the great textures on the background paper! Nice job on the eggplants. They are hard to do with the shiny skin.

  5. Love your blog hun ...I enjoy doing step by step explanations on my own blog, so I was interested to read yours, I'm looking forward to seeing how the spread turns out when finished x

  6. Such a bonus when we can eat what we enjoy painting!. Love the aubergines Laura, I like using them in Moussaka

  7. Love the hightlights in the aubergines. This is all wonderful and I too love Moussaka.

  8. Really neat process!! You are very creative, Laura! I love your aubergines ( love parmigiana too!). I agree, they are a hard subject to paint, but you did it beautifully.

  9. I love your shapes and colors. You captured the cap of the stems just perfectly. A lovely juxtaposition next to the smooth purple skin.

  10. Beautiful eggplants Laura, and I love your mixed media experiments. So many fun directions to go, endless options.


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