Monday, 14 March 2016

Elephant in Water Based Mixed Media

Having painted elephants many times before in watercolour, I felt it was time to explore the subject using a different approach.  

"Elephant"  Sold
Mixed Media: acrylic and watercolour on hot press paper.

“Elephant” is a mixed media painting created using acrylic and watercolour pigments. The background and foreground were the most interesting to paint as I embellished these with copper, silver and gold acrylic pigments that created a lovely soft lustre effect in some blended areas. 


  1. So clever mixing mediums like that. I love the effect it's perfect for an elephant.

  2. Love this piece!The effects you created within the grasses is gorgeous!!

  3. Laura just beautiful. You caught so much texture too on the trunk. Love it friend.

  4. I love him! Interesting to use these acrylic pigments, the effect is great!

  5. Super!!! I love the effect of the copper, silver, and gold pigments.


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