Sunday, 12 July 2015

Urban Sketching At Wrest Park, Bedfordshire

This is a sketch I produced at Wrest Park in true urban sketching style; meaning completely finished in one sitting on location. 

Urban sketch of The Pavilion in pen and wash

A sunny day last week encouraged hubby and I to visit Wrest Park in Bedfordshire for the first time.  We both found it to be a really interesting and lovely English Heritage stately home.  Undoubtedly we will visit it again in future.  I like their idea of spending a Sunday afternoon listening to music in their grounds with a picnic.  Of course fitting in an urban sketch or two would make that my idea of heaven.  Though I am fully aware that some summer urban sketching sessions have their problems. 

This session found me blissfully painting away sitting in the sun on my picnic blanket until I was rudely interrupted by tiny black flying monsters.  I lasted until I got to final pen stage.  At that point I had had enough and decided to pack up camp and move further round onto a bench to finish off.  People disturbing my sketching sessions I can cope with as I am quite happy to talk to anyone about my art or anything else for that matter.  Being interrupted by flying visitors is a totally different problem all together

Whilst all this battling with black flying things was going on, Hubby had gone to explore The Pavilion on the inside.  I joined him there later when I had finished sketching and battling.    

Interior of The Pavilion

The design of The Pavilion interior was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.  I noticed this straight away as I walked in the door.  It may be a lot smaller in size but it is still very impressive to see. 

 Main building at Wrest Park

View of the long half mile garden from the main building terrace 
with The Pavilion at the very far end.

Wrest Park for us was an extremely enjoyable day.  I wonder if that was also helped by afternoon tea and cake.  Always a favourite of mine especially when it comes in a tea pot with an additional pot of hot water. 


  1. I think the critters must be attracted to the beautiful colors in your sketch! A lovely park and so pristine!

  2. Laura, I am so inspired by the urban sketching adventure you have recently embarked upon! You've been so prolific and creating such beautiful work! You've done a great job with this pavilion - particularly impressive having done it while under attack!
    How I envy you these amazing places to visit so close by. It is almost a year exactly since I was in London!!

  3. I really enjoy your urban sketching adventures, and the wonderful results! But black flying monsters..... brrrrrr!

  4. Looks like a great way to sight see, sketching, eating and just being out and about


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