Sunday, 7 June 2015

Blackberry Leaf Study in Watercolour

Blackberry Leaf Sketch
Pen and Wash

I am currently working on a new floral idea.  I have got as far as drawing out the floral parts but I felt I needed to study blackberry leaf structure in more detail.  Sketching is collecting useful information so that I can tackle a painting in a much freer, looser and more imaginative way.  In this case I needed to understand how the leaves grow, their structural shape and how the light and shadow affects colour, tone and form. 


  1. I love this color study, its is so soft and romantic, I hope you are well,

  2. This is very pretty Laura! I love the colours! Taking the time to study leaves carefully is a very rewarding exercise I find.

  3. Great idea to study the structure of the leaves before starting a painting. I like the colors and feel of this.

  4. This sketch is beautiful as a stand alone painting! Important exercise, there are so many nuances to observe. I find them fun to do too!

  5. Dear Laura-I have never seen BlackBerry leaves look more lovely. Beautiful friend.


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