Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Day in Hampstead with the Urban Sketchers London Group

My second arty adventure with the USK London Group was in Hampstead this week. Despite the cold it was a really enjoyable day with lovely new people to meet, new corners of London to explore and new art to create.

Graphite, ink and coloured pencils.  This was finished in the first sketching session before lunch.  For me buildings need something to soften down their linear tendencies.  So generally a bit of greenery, flowers or texture of some sort will always grab my attention. 

This is some of the USK London Hampstead Group at the end of the day.    I am the one in the middle in the blue holding up my artwork from the morning sketching session. 

The day ended with the group’s show and tell session on a green patch in Flask Walk. Of course this is not a compulsory part of the day.  In fact nothing is compulsory and the day runs quite freely for all with very little structure except for meeting up times and a map of the area to stick to.    

Anyone who wanted to join in the show and tell session placed their day’s work on the ground where it could be admired and photographed.  Some of these photos do eventually end up anywhere on the internet.  Here is an example: I found a photo that I appear in posted onto the USK London Facebook Group.  Photo taken by Chuck Stull.  This is a cropped version of it and I have his permission to use it here.  I am the one in the pale blue on the right and I have no idea who anyone else is, except that they were lovely friendly people who urban sketched on the day.  Being a veteran blogger and an exhibiting artist I am quite comfortable with having photos of me and my work appear on the internet but I can fully understand people who do not want to take part at this point of the day. 

Urban is a worldwide organisation and their aim is to show the world the sketches they create and the fun sketchcrawl days they organise.  They bring like minded people together with no frontiers or boundaries. Everyone is just an ordinary person with a common interest: the love of drawing and art.  As a newbie member of USK London I would thoroughly recommend anyone to have a go who has an interest in open air sketching and who likes meeting other creatives at every level of skill.

So next time you fly into London, Paris, New York, Seoul, Munich and many other places, why not see if there is an Urban Sketchers’ Sketchcrawl you can join for the day.  No booking required.  Just turn up to these free events held around the world and get inspired by others who urban sketch purely for the fun of it. 

Dates for Future USK London Sketchcrawls


  1. Glad to see you had a good day!

  2. Dear Laura this looks like it was such fun. Always enjoy seeing you and your art. The mixed media sketch is super. Hope your day is lovely.

  3. Your sketch is beautiful Laura! It is nice to see so many people coming out and the fun is visible on their smiling faces.

  4. You are so fortunate to be able to join in an Urban Sketchers event, it looked fun. Your sketch is so good, it looks like an illustration for a book, lovely :-)

  5. What a nice event, Laura, I love your sketch!

  6. I love the building scene, Laura. It is really a beautiful piece of art.

  7. E' delizioso il tuo sketch, un prezioso angolo con atmosfera romantica ! Abbraccio e buon weekend.


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