Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sketching My Town

As the sun was shining today I thought it a good idea to get some practice in with some outdoor sketching.    

Magnolia on Station Road
Mixed media:  Coloured pencils, watercolours, gouache and ink.
Urban Sketchbook

I started adding colour in coloured pencils but I found out very quickly that they are a slow process compared to my brushes and watercolours.  I loved using them but I am not sure they are the right medium for me to use on a sketchcrawl where speed is required.  I also had to finish this at home as I needed a touch of gouache to bring out the magnolia’s colours more.  The paper held up beautifully considering this is a cheapy sketchbook with thin paper.  The cover is faux suede and very tactile which I could not resist.  The paper is adequate enough for my purposes with this but I would not dream of using it for selling purposes.  I have no idea what the longevity is.  I suppose time will tell.   

Churchfields Pre-2013
Mixed media: coloured pencils and ink.
Urban Sketchbook

This was the image I decided to christen my new urban sketchbook with yesterday. Taken from a photo and a scene that no longer exists as the pink house has been pulled down and re-built.  This is where I used to take my son to feed the ducks when he was little.  It is also the path I will take to walk to the station when I go to London for the sketchcrawl in a couple of week’s time.  



  1. I guess the idea of sketching is for observational techniques so what choice you use to colour is secondary, all worth it in the journey

  2. Sono bellissimi questi due lavori ed un ottimo idea di dipingere la tua città , ne verrà fuori un sketchbook prezioso .

  3. Lovely! Always exciting to get down that first sketch in a new sketchbook!

  4. Nice sketches from your plein air adventure. I agree about the colored pencils. It takes so long to get strong colors with them and when you are outdoors you need to get the color and the shadows down before the scene changes.


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