Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oyster Catchers in Watercolour – Developing an Idea

Combining two favourite pastimes is a joy I am lucky to be able to do.  Bird watching is one and the other is playing with puddles of water and pigment on paper.  Both of which helped me develop the idea for my whimsical oyster catcher painting recently. 

Oyster Catcher Trio - SOLD
© Laura Moore

Oyster Catcher
Watercolour Sketch
© Laura Moore

On location I take lots of photographs for future reference and paintings.  


  1. Really liked your loose style, painted from photos .

  2. I like how you used your own ideas for the colour, love the trio at the top!

  3. I love the looseness of the trio :-)

  4. So cute Laura, nice little trio composition

  5. Both paintings and photo all beautiful Laura!! Love the blues you've got in the feathers. I also love the front-on angle of your bird in motion with the second painting.

  6. I love the playful interpretation Laura!

  7. We sharer a common love of the avian life. The Oyster Catcher Trio and Oyster Catcher are really wonderful. The beak and legs of this bird is what it is all about for me and I notice you love them too.

  8. I love your loose washes, how you let the wash describe the feathers--it's a great effect


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