Thursday, 1 January 2015

Emotional Commitment to a Painting

Spontaneity and emotional impulse play an important part in the subjects I choose to tackle.  For this reason I have learnt to listen to my artistic whims as I sail through life.  Who I am as a person and as a watercolourist needs the emotional commitment to a subject before I even consider tackling it. 


This tiny painting is an example where I follow my artistic whim.  Hubby and I were Christmas shopping and we popped into a cafe for a coffee.  In the corner was this little sad old lady sitting on her own, oblivious to the world around her.  Her woolly hat grabbed my attention first as she reminded me of my dear old mum.  Then I noticed her over sized coat.  Something I felt was like armour shielding her from the harshness of life.  

Perhaps my lady ended up with a content look on her face.  Sadly that was not the look the original lady had.  I wish I could erase people’s problems from their lives with a stroke of a brush.  That is the prerogative of an artist: to alter what life actually is like. 

Happy, Healthy, or at least contented 2015 to all. 



  1. lots of character Laura well achieved

  2. Beautiful shading on her face and clothing. I would probably have ended up making her look more content than she was IRL too. It is difficult to paint that kind of look when we want the world to be a safe, happy place. Enjoy the new year!


  3. A very interesting and thoughtful post Laura with a great outcome in the portrait.
    Looking forward to seeing your paintings in 2015!

  4. Thought provoking post and beautiful painting. Perhaps she looks content because there is that in you.

  5. She is very beautiful, Laura, I can see both 'sad' and 'content' in her expression. Happy painting in 2015!

  6. Well done Laura. Good post too :)

  7. So adeptly painted Laura. This 'tiny sketch' manages to convey so much and I especially love the wistfulness you have put into it. I hope you have a great 2015 and I also pray this lady does too. Jerry

  8. Beautiful insight and painting to match! May 2015 overflow with happy moments and lots of creativity!


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