Friday, 14 November 2014

Watercolour Sketching with Purpose

Sketching has become a routine in my life now.  Each sketch serves a purpose.  Be it to capture a memory, to practice a technique, to test out paper, tone, texture or colour, to plan a composition, to capture an atmospheric mood, etc, or purely to have fun and improve the skill at the same time. 

Here are some sketches I have done over the past few months.  Each has a purpose in my artistic development.  

Toronto Waterfront
A place that nearly became my second home. 

Mull 1
Visited this summer.

Mull III

Grey Birches

View from my window

Tulip Pen & Wash

Baa Sheep

Bald Eagle
Seen in Alaska three years ago 
and revisited the subject yesterday.  


  1. Such a beautiful selection of your work, love them all

  2. It is a feast Laura, I love each one and you switch subject matter with ease. Your landscapes are spectacular, the Toronto sketch has beautiful lines and love the reflections. Mull I and III-gorgeous! Your animal studies are wonderful, love the proud look of the Bald Eagle.
    I always learn something new from you, will check out Shari's blog, Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Really beautiful work Laura. Very colourful and eye catching. I especially love the painting of Mull. I feel it has such a dreamy quality about it and I adore Baa Sheep . All beautiful paintings. Great work Laura.

  4. It's lovely to see your art work Laura.

  5. All lovely sketches Laura but I have a special leaning towards the Pen & Washes, especially the Tulips. Lovely work. ;-)

  6. Nice Laura but a favourite for me Mull 1

  7. Lovely sketches Laura and nice to see that sketching has now become second nature to you the Shari link too bx

  8. These are wonderful, Laura, I love the landscapes especially!

  9. These are very good sketches Laura. Frame them and they will look really good. I like most the first two landscapes. Have a nice week.


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