Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Watercolour Inspiration on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland for me was all about recharging my batteries and finding inspiration again.  I already knew the light is so unique and exceptional up there on the Isle of Skye having visited before.      

Colour at Minch, Isle of Skye
Watercolour painted plein air 


  1. It's lovely to see your paintings Laura. Glad you are continuing with your blog.

  2. I am in envy of your travels, thank you for sharing your experiences and your lovely paintings.

  3. Hi Laura, so thrilled to hear that you got your painting mojo back in bonny Scotland! The paintings you've been doing while there are fabulous!! It must have been wonderful painting on location!

  4. Laura - this is a gorgeous plein aire piece. I don't think you ever lost your lovely way of seeing and being able to incorporate into a beautiful work of art. I am glad you were able to recharge your batteries. I know what you mean about how as artists we see things differently. Your way certainly is beautiful.

  5. Your painting is beautiful and your thoughts are profound.
    I agree with your conclusions about the artists inspirations being within us. It takes a lot of effort to break free from convention required by adulthood. To find our own vision takes time and much thought as well as practice. Even then the thought arises...can I go further?


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