Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Glass in Watercolour

I was not expecting to enjoy the subject of glass as much as I did tonight at Art Group.   The subject was chosen by me a few months ago for all the Group to tackle.  So perhaps the anticipation of knowing this was coming was a bit daunting.   

I kept the session simple for myself by taking along one single glass for my still life set up.  Placed on the table it was surrounded by a brown laminate surface which I did not find interesting at all.  So I felt it was time to inject some of my favourite colours into this: the blues. 


  1. You transformed blues and grey into a beautiful fresh piece!

  2. Your choice of colours and a light touch has worked really well in creating the glass Laura

  3. Laura: Una acuarela hermosa y muy real!!!! Saludos

  4. You made a (to me) not-very-atractive subject look very appealing, Laura. i do admire artists, as I'd love to be able to paint.

  5. Great work, Laura, I love the blues you used for the glass!


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