Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time To Play - A Figurative Portrait in Watercolour

This is my son when he was six years old playing on a beach in Italy.  We are lucky that I have family that live 20 minutes drive away from gorgeous sandy beaches along the Tuscan coast of Italy.   I have lots of memories of happy times spent playing in the very same spot as a child.  I wanted to create similar happy memories for my son too.

My son is now nineteen and now he too has fond memories just like I do of those wonderful sandy seaside times spent in Italy.  

“Time To Play”
Watercolour 7”x 9”
In Private Collection
© Laura Moore Watercolour Art



  1. you are such an inspiration, you really are, this is beautiful and to know its your son is wonderful!

  2. een snoepje van een schilderij heel mooi lieve groetjes Danielle

  3. You really caught that intent look in his body , so concentrated in his play , beautifully painted Laura...lovely and fresh ! xx

  4. Each element beautifully captured Laura, this is obviously painted from the heart

  5. This is really lovely! I love the shadows and the colors. Nice harmony in the entire painting. You must have such great memories of your time there.

  6. You captured the sunlight and shadows beautifully, a new technique that works well for you!

  7. Una acuarela tierna y encantadora :)

  8. Such beautiful work. Your colors are wonderful. I love the soft, loose colors of the water in the background.

  9. What a sweet portrait! Love the story :)


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