Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fun, Frivolity and Freedom with Watercolour

A blank expression and a certain look on my husband’s face told me everything I needed to know about what he thought of my latest 10 minute little painting I did in my garden yesterday.  “Here we go she has lost her marbles again.  What on earth has she painted now?”   That is what he was thinking and I knew without him having to utter a word.   

Abstract Tree & Sky
Plein Air Watercolour
© Laura Moore Watercolour Art

Maybe some people over analyse a painting that is purely the artist being in the ‘moment’.  The moment I was in was me looking up at the sky through my cherry tree and enjoying the colours and sun filtering through the branches.  It is not a masterpiece.  It was purely me enjoying my paints, the freedom to let go and being in the moment. 


  1. I love the impression of the reds of the tree against the sky! I like your madness!:)

  2. Before I even saw the title, I thought, that's a tree bowing and playing with the sun and sky :)
    Its lovely, you can certainly see you had fun :)

  3. Oh I like the colors. I hope that you'll have more moments like this. This is lovely.

  4. Oh, three very good f-words :-))) Nothing is better than just painting from the heart , and you clearly poured your emotions onto the paper, wonderfully loose and full of...well, the emotions of the moment. xx

  5. Art should be fun and it looks like you had a good time doing this. I can imagine sitting under that tree and just looking up at the color. You captured it well!!

  6. looks like you enjoyed painting this laura ...hope to see more

  7. The most important thing is to have fun no matter how or what! You had fun and it shows off. I like it very much. If you want to do that over, it's not going to work. That's the spontanious about it. Beautiful work Laura!

  8. I can actually see myself standing there gazing at the tree with the sun shining through the branches. You say it´s not a masterpeace, but for me; it triggers memories and I can see the beauty in it! I LOVE nature!


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